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About the author...

Your real name is Sergio López Montaner, also calling Demetrio Montaner, in literatures and poetics rings.

Born in Santiago of Chile, to begining of Spring to 1966 year, he was got that September 21day, was unforgettable for he`s young mother, because almost don´t hear him laughting, crying and any thanksgiving signs: your thin nake was strongly hold with the CORDON UMBILICAL...

Some personal preferences, decent and public, are:

More than three years ago, author falling some very weird addiction TV closer. Its a compulsive fan, almost paranoic, of a TV serie called THE X-FILES.
Your favorite music group is Portishead,with a great noise and original personal style. And the more great jazz singer of the world: Billie Holiday, who died in the black and savage drugs arms.
The author likes black, darkness, ordinary, romantic and outsider literature. Recognice a dangerous selection books of: Charles Bukowsky, Henry Miller, Enrique Lihn and Alejandro Jodorowsy.

(to be continue...)

Do you want know who is Alien 32?

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